My daughter has been training with Amanda for almost a year now. It has been such a positive experience! Amanda truly cares about each of her athletes, when my daughter was injured Amanda tweaked her workouts to ensure that she would heal properly, all while still getting in the training that she could do for that time. She goes above & beyond for her athletes! She is not just a hard working trainer but also creates positive & fun relationships with her athletes which is awesome! This program is so great for our community! We are blessed to have her!

It’s been going on 3 months of my daughter working with Amanda at ATC. In those months my daughter has fallen in love with weightlifting, has a noticeable toning difference in body physique, has fun each time, has decreased her pain, and has improved her agility. Amanda is always checking in to see how my daughter is doing, liking it, and always there to answer questions. Amanda truly cares about her athletes, and you can see the passion she brings. Amanda is very knowledgeable, and I am grateful for the expertise  she has brought to New Ulm and to all athletes.


I love that ATC/Amanda offers a program for young athletes to achieve goals that they want to improve on and that she also encourages them by going out and supporting them at their athletic events as well. Young athletes need an experienced trainer like Amanda at ATC to help them improve their strength, speed, agility, confidence, etc and I believe ATC provides this type of environment for my daughter!

Tammy D

I have been training with Amanda for a while now and I have grown so much within it. I love this program because Amanda never pushes you to go beyond your limits but knows what you can do & pushes you to do your best. You are in control of what you choose and what is comfortable. Not only that but Amanda has helped me gain muscle and stay in shape during my off seasons. She builds strong bonds with all of her athletes and makes me feel good whenever I am there. This program has truly benefited my health and body!

Karly M
volleyball, softball, dance

I have been lifting with Amanda for about 3 months now and I have one word to describe her program. Motivating. Amanda’s program pushes you to become a better athlete, a better person, leader, and teammate. You can learn a lot about yourself from working with her. You learn how your mind works when it’s tired or frustrated. Or how your body wants to react to something challenging. The program reveals this all to you, and Amanda shows you how to overcome it. She motivates you every single day to get better and to turn these challenges into a positive. She teaches you to find the good in your journey to improve. Amanda not only is our trainer, but she has become a solid support system for me and many others. She cares about her athletes way beyond the point of how well they’re training or how well their sports season is going. She forms a personal connection with each of us and continually supports and motivates us to work harder and stay determined in our goal to succeed.

Abbey H
Volleyball, softball

I enjoy working out with Amanda because she pushes me to be my best. She cares about my goals as an athlete and is helping me achieve them. She is always there to support me and pick me up when I have a rough day. She goes the extra mile to adjust my workouts to meet my needs. She watches me move in the sports play, so she knows what I need from my workouts to be successful. I feel safe with her because she continuously checks in with me as she cares about me as an athlete and a person.

Estelle F
track, soccer

When our girls first started working with Amanda, she met with them to write down goals. Nearly one year in she continues to reference and evolve those goals. She has been working with them both in season and out of season to help them continue to grow and not lose what they’ve already built. Amanda focuses on form and quality. Every time our girls work with her, they come home with new knowledge. She is highly prepared with scientific, research backed, sport specific training programs. The programs include all facets of the athletic repertoire that is required for them to perform at a high level: agility, weight training, conditioning, nutrition and recovery. This is important to us with kids who never miss a day and never feel like they are doing enough. We have seen their individual confidence flourish because she sets the tone to help them believe in themselves. Most importantly, Amanda has become a vital part of our girls’ support system. She cares about their well-being. She wants them to be successful in the classroom and takes the time to reach out and connect with them on a personal level almost every single day. Our youngest daughter needed an adult’s help one day and the first person she reached out to was Amanda. We 110% believe in ATC and trust Amanda with our girls’ emotional and physical well-being!

Tim and Libby Joyce
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