Athlete Spotlight

BROOKLYN LEWIS (Basketball, Volleyball)
Favorite food: Any kind of pasta, but NOTHING with sea food
Favorite song: always different but right now, A Bar Song by Shaboozey
Favorite thing to do when not playing: Hanging out with my family and friends!
Hardest part of playing: Staying mentally and physically strong all season
Biggest role model and why: My brother Carson because he has taught no matter what circumstances you are given there is always a reason to smile and laugh.
Something most don’t know about you/or a hidden talent: most don’t know I have fainting goats.
Do you have any pregame plans rituals: always, always a Bubbl’r before the game and music, music is a must.
Something on your bucket list: traveling out of the country!
Favorite thing we do in class: back squats and pre lift football (beating Brody)
Least favorite thing we do in class: Bulgarian split squats
Brooklyn makes every class a little more fun and entertaining. Watching her on the court and in the gym, she is always talking and cheering on her teammates or gym buddies. She is a team player who is willing to work hard, communicate, and support those around her. She has high expectations of herself and sets her goals even higher. Brooklyn is not only talented but a role model and a leader to those around her.

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Athlete Spotlight BONUS 2:2. BETSY JOYCE (Basketball, Soccer) Favorite food: spaghetti with meat sauce Favorite song: changes weekly but right now Run Away by Kanye

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Estelle Fisher (10th grade) Sports: Track and Soccer Favorite food: Chicken Parm Favorite song: Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine Favorite event: 4×4 Favorite thing to do

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Jackson Ocampo Sophomore Sports: Soccer, track Favorite song: Sundress or Dreams and Fairytales Im going to say favorite singer too, Frank ocean What do you

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